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Our goal was to create a seamless experience after learning that kids did not necessarily want to use our products along with adults. The challenge we ran into was that we had to create a place for young gamers and video bingers who cannot read. We planned to insert an element of delight that wouldn't necessarily distract from watching videos or gaming.

My role:

I concepted with the Web Platform Lead on wires, structure and the experience, and assisted with presentations for stakeholders. We intended for users to easily find content, with less download times on hand-me-down devices. I led a team that created micro-animations and specs for iOS and for Web in order to create clear navigation patterns and engagement.

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The project

Our personas:

Persona 1 for Nick Jr. Yazmin, 5 Avid gamer
Her goals are to enjoy games on Nick Jr. and to play games that include Properties she considers to be her "friends". She aspires to play Nick games, like her older brother.
Persona 2 for Nick Jr. Jakey, 4 Repetitive user
He would like to watch all his favorite characters, even if the shows are on repeat. He likes to watch short clips, as his attention is limited, and he enjoys gaming on occasion.

Following concepting sessions, I performed branding explorations, then designed, tested and iterated:

Branding for Nick Jr.

The site

40% faster to load on mobile devices

Mobile Nick Jr. main and game end level ages Mobile Nick Jr. Blaze property page

Concepting for web-End level games and videos

Browsing while watching videos

Tablet video and game end level for property Tablet swipe up, displaying video in upper left

Video and game page for each Property, where users can swipe up and still browse.

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