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"YOU-app" encourages users to start changing their lives through "micro actions”, like sharing better food options and living more mindfully. My task was to create visuals for the campaign, to promote it via our newsletter, animated banners, social media and to design a new section and simplify our Apps page.

My role:

Reworked existing Apps promo page, designing a new top area, working with the developer to add animations. Created banner campaign and social media campaign, mainly posted on Jamie's Facebook.

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My process

First, we selected our personas:

Persona 1 for YOU-app Christine, 28 Avid social media user
Chris is very connected, and uses her cel phone for all social media channels. She's interested in new ways to stay healthy, and particularly loves using Instagram.
Persona 2 for YOU-app Sheila, 46 Works hard, doesn't play much
Sheila travels for work, and doesn't use a lot of different apps. She's looking for a change in her lifestyle. She is also not a fan of calorie counting.

I created wireframes & user flows with invision:

User flow Mobile wireframes Desktop wireframes

Existing branding elements were identified, then I started to design, test & iterate:

The final page and campaign

Was touted as "Best New App" in the App store!

Page layout for desktop