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To create a living room experience for children, with an easy set-up for parents and older siblings. Making it an easy process for children to choose their favorite shows, even if they cannot read.

My role:

Worked with UX Lead to create wires, and I designed and specced all pages for Nick and Nick Jr. We worked with engineers to ensure our concepts were possible, and tested often. Young children had difficulty using drop-downs, so we changed how we displayed filters.

The project

We selected our personas:

Persona 1 Gina, 40 Mother of 2 under 8 years of age
Gina and her wife own many smart devices, including a Smart TV, and they monitor the screen time for their children. Gina appreciates when their children want to watch a spceific show, she can set up the TV, and let them watch their shows while she can work at home without interruption.
Persona 2 Jakey, 4 Can't get enough of Paw Patrol!
Jake's parents have cable, and he is allowed to watch TV mainly on the weekends. He is a preschooler, and uses streaming devices, but prefers to be in the living room with one of his parents or is older sister while enjoying his favorite shows. He needs assistance at times for updates, and cannot read just yet.

Worked with Roku Lead Designer to create user flows & wires:

User flow diagram for Connected devices View the wires

Existing branding elements were identified, & I designed & tested:

Branding for Nick


Onboarding, authentication, video end level & search

Onboarding, Your playlist, Choose your faves and Search

Nick Jr.

Onboarding, authentication & video end levels

Onboarding, Your playlist, Choose your faves
Nick-Roku Nick Jr.-Roku