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Users have expressed that they trust and value Jamie's recipes, and our staff of Nutritionists regularly receive emails and questions on Facebook on popular dietary topics. We addressed common requests and needs by developing an area with flexible content that is expanded and refreshed on a regular basis.

My role:

Designed and architechted the new section. Collaborated closely with our editors, Nutritionists and the Head of Art Department to ensure that our message was clear and useful. Interfaced with developer to ensure usage across all devices and platforms, with a focus on mobile for busy parents.

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My process

We selected our personas:

Persona 1 for Nutrition section Josh, 45 Has a heart problem
Josh needs to stick to a low-fat diet. He wants to cook for both his health and his family's tastes. He researches nutrition information on his iPhone while commuting to work.
Persona 2 for Nutrition section Stacey, 38 Can't get enough sweets!
Stacey is a big fan of sweets and soft drinks. She finds the "gram" measurement for sugar consumption confusing, and doesn't know how much is too much.

Existing branding elements were identified, & I designed, tested & iterated:

Branding for Jamie Oliver.com

The final product

Easy to update, clean and informative place for Jamie fans

Mobile mockup 1 Mobile mockup 2

Desktop treatment

Informative, with links to news and Q&A section

Desktop version for main page
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