Nickelodeon site redesign
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After testing many features, the intent was to slim down the site to make it easier to only access games and videos. We aligned with our iOS and Android platforms to create a consistent usage of components. The team was intent on driving customer engagement and creating valuable, memorable experiences for kids.

My role:

Worked with UX/UI Associate Art Director and another Sr. UX Designer to enhance content access, using ideation sessions, defining optimal user flows, exploring UI elements, testing, refining and delivery of specs. Scrolling has increased 10% since the site launch. Site has been amended since my role at Viacom.

The project

We selected our personas:

Persona 1 for Josh, 9 Big fan of Ninja Turtles
Josh uses his parents' phones as well as his own tablet to passively watch short clips of TMNT. He is an avid collector of their figures, and plays a few games with his favorite characters from many Nick shows.
Persona 2 for Serena, 8 Avid gamer
Serena's parents are considered cord-cutters, so her screen time is fairly limited. She enjoys playing simple and fun games online on her own, and plays with friends when they are together.

We worked with our Brand team to select the right look & feel:

Branding for Nickelodeon

The final product

Focusing on content tiles and show art

Mobile Nickelodeon animation Mobile Nickelodeon Home-swipe up

Tablet treatment

Faster page loads, with easy to find fun content

Tablet version of Nickelodeon Home

Exposed carousel on hubs, so that kids would be able find their favorite character pages.

Concepting for web-End level games & videos

Browsing games and videos while watching or playing

Desktop version video and game end level for property