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To cross-promote the NBCU portfolio (Bravo, E!, NBC, USA, MSNBC, Syfy, Telemundo and Universo), ensuring the experience is seamless, with no dead ends. Existing products are being reimagined, and am currently working on blue sky concepting for future product.

My role:

Guiding our team to design, prototype and test new features for cross-platform delivery. Working with product, principal product designer and engineering to create and implement new features. Run test sessions, studio meetings and deliver UX documentation and high-fi prototypes for future thinking.

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Incremental improvements

Our main personas:

Persona 1 David, 45 TV addict
David does not have a cable package, and watches Hulu or Netflix primarily on his tablet when he arrives home, as his partner uses the TV in the living room. They have different interests in entertainment, while both enjoy watching their go-to favorite show, Friends.
Persona 2 Laura, 26 Young millennial
Laura uses her parents' log-in details to binge-watch on her phone and tablet. She doesn't own a TV, and loves watching comedies, dramas, Bravo and E! She frequently has a show playing in the background while cooking.

End Cards

Guiding the user to their next fave show

End Cards End Cards


Discovering shows on other NBCU channels (4% lift in video starts)

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