Sugar tax campaign & the show, "Jamie's Sugar Rush"
Header graphic for Jamie's Sugar Rush info page
©2017 Jamie Oliver Enterprises Limited: Photography by Freddie Claire.


As a companion piece for Jamie Oliver's new documentary, "Jamie's Sugar Rush", an aggregated content page was created to link users to info about the effects of sugar. Jamie also began campaigning for a tax on drinks high in sugar in restaurants. The money would be used to educate children on the effects of sugar.

My role:

Designed the responsive landing page and the campaign page for the Children's Health Fund, which is an outside link. Jamie did a video chat via Facebook to campaign for the law to change, and we hit our signature target to be heard by Parliament within one week! The Houses of Parliament have passed the law and is now taxing drinks high in sugar in the UK and Northern Ireland.

My process

First, we selected our personas:

Persona 1 for new Jamie's Sugar Rush page designs Mus, 25 Big Jamie fan, young uncle
Mus works hard, has a tight budget and takes his nephews out to eat on a regular basis. He buys loads of sugary snacks and drinks for his nephews, and has no concept of what might be in coconut juice, for instance.
Persona 2 for new Jamie's Sugar Rush page designs Trisha, 41 Activist and busy mom
Trishia has 2 small children, does her food shopping online, and orders sugary drinks for her children. She is unaware that they contain so much sugar. The "grams" measurement makes no sense to her.

I created wireframes and user flows with invision:

User flow for Sugar info page Mobile wireframes Desktop wireframes

Wires were created, and I then started to design, test & iterate:

Branding for Jamie Oliver site

The final product

Parliament passed the law to tax drinks high in sugar!

Mobile version of Jame's Sugar Tax Campaign Home page Mobile version of Jame's Sugar Tax Campaign Home page

Desktop version

Embedded video showed support in the UK for the tax.

Aggregated content page for Jamie's Sugar Rush TV show

This links to the campaign page, which I designed as well. Social pushes encouraged users to sign the petition, and within one week we had enough signatures to take to the Houses of Parliament.