Hellmann's sponsored content
Header graphic for Hellmann's page
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My process

First, we selected our personas:

Persona 1 for Hellmann's sponsorship Andy, 22 Hosts big theme parties
Andy is young and ambitious, and needs to create fast, simple recipes with very little money. He is always hunting for recipes which include ingredients in his cupboard.
Persona 2 for Hellmann's sponsorship Pippa, 31 Young and single, on a tight budget
Pippa regularly has friends and family over for gatherings. At the time of the launch of the pages, it was autumn, and she planned many parties for the coming months.

I created wireframes & user flows with invision:

User flow for Hellmann's content Mobile wireframes Desktop wireframes

Wires were created, then branding elements were selected for Christmas styling, & then I designed & iterated:

Branding elements, such as color and fonts were chosen

The final campaign

Promotions across YouTube, Jamie Mag, Facebook & online.

Mobile mockup 1 Mobile mockup 2

YouTube advent calendar was created with my guidance by Rabbit & Hare.

Page design by agency, Rabbit and Hare