Jamie Oliver's Family Food
Header graphic of breakfast shoot
©2017 Jamie Oliver Enterprises Limited: Photography by Matt Russell.


Family meal planning is a big company initiative, and the goal is make it accessible and simple. The launch of the Family Food YouTube channel and companion section on the site was received well, with a shout out in Time Out London. A separate Facebook page was created, encouraging families to cook together and share their take on our family meals.

My role:

Designed and architected mini-site, working across many departments in-house. Created social media imagery to promote the new YouTube channel, and coordinated with the Head of the Art Department to ensure consistent visuals and messaging across all channels.

My process

First, we selected our personas:

Persona 1 for new Family Food mini-site Mike, 52 Loves to cook for his family
Mike has a large family and is constantly trying to outdo his neighbor's parties. He cooks elaborate meals on the weekends.
Persona 2 for new Family Food mini-site Gina, 40 Price-conscious shopper
Gina babysits for her niece and cooks for her mom often. She's single and on a budget.

I created wireframes & user flows with invision:

User flow for Family Food Mobile wireframes Desktop wireframes

Branding elements were created, then I designed and tested the pages:

Branding elements for mini-site

The final product

6,500 Facebook followers on the launch day!

Desktop versions of Family Food page designs

Weekly roll-out of "how-to" videos and recipes were promoted on Jamie's FoodTube as well as Family Food social channels.

Social media campaign

Social media graphic on Facebook Social media graphic on Facebook Social media graphic on Facebook